Option Media is a full-service provider for all video and audio post-production. In addition, we have been a leader in localization of audiovisual content for years. We provide translation, subtitling and dubbing for national and international film distributors, television channels, advertising agencies and production companies. We can offer full project management from start to finish. In order to achieve optimal distribution, we can deliver your content on all possible physical mediums and in all digital formats. Option Media likes to streamline the workflow of an entire project, but specific assignments for particular aspects of your production are equally welcome!
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Option Media is grateful for the trust shown by its many clients and would like to collaborate with anyone who has an interesting audiovisual story to tell.



Our Story


In 1993, Option Media was set up by eight members of staff after a management buyout. The number of employees grew quickly, and five years later, the young media company had already doubled its turnover. Option Media had a more than successful start.


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Over the years, the company has made wise investments into new digital technologies. Preference went to high-grade investments which offer solutions to the audiovisual challenges of our ever-changing technological world. In 2015, Option Media installed a state-of-the-art cinema room, which boasts high-end post-production facilities and a pleasant lounge bar. In 2016, all audio booths were completely refurbished. Thanks to its first-rate technical equipment and its excellent track record of over twenty years, Option Media has made a name for itself in the audiovisual market as a leading provider and a reliable partner.


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Option Media wants to be known as an honest, committed company which embraces corporate social responsibility and aims to build lasting, long-term relationships. The current associates, Frank Van Caesbroeck and Sabine Van Riel, attach the utmost importance to customer satisfaction, while creating an inspiring, warm environment conducive to amicable collaboration. A work place where staff and customers feel at home and enjoy creating together. conducive to amicable collaboration. A work placewhere staff and customers feel at home and enjoycreating together.


Our team

The strength of Option Media lies in its warm, professional team, who will manage your audiovisual projects with great passion. A team of friendly employees, bursting with positive energy, is strengthened by freelancers who are dedicated to your assignment. This combined expertise means we have the experience to work with all possible genres and audiovisual productions. Together we like to look for the right solution and the best project trajectory tailored to your needs.

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Option Media offers an open door to like-minded people !




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Option Media is eligible for co-financing by Screen Flanders, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and the Belgian Tax Shelter.



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