Come and visit us…

We are located between Antwerp and Brussels in a 2,000m² building, concentrating all sound and image services under one roof with no parking issues. We provide a warm, welcoming environment for customers, retaining a boutique feel whilst offering state-of-the-art resources. We love collaborating with directors and production teams, forming partnerships to produce projects that look and sound beautiful. We are passionate about film and television. This comes across in our personal approach and the superb work we produce, ensuring our clients receive a level of service found nowhere else.

As an audiovisual producer, you meet a lot of challenges, lots of aspects where you need help from a facility provider.  
Working with Option Media gives you the advantage of having all the services you need under one roof. From green key studio to image and audio post-production, from subtitling into the most exotic languages to cinema lounge,  it’s all there.  
Besides delivering top quality in all of these areas, it's above all the people that make Option Media a unique place.  They take care of you. They go the extra mile, think with you, and won't stop until the job is done and the solution has been delivered. 

Some of the fine people we've worked with

Sylvester and Option are ‘contemporaries’. Both of us having been around for so long, creates a bond. But what makes us choose Option time and time again, is their passion for delivering a perfect result. That’s a mentality that runs through the entire team. They don’t just do their job, but also have a heart for what we are doing.

Nele Hendriks @ Sylvester

Their enthusiasm combined with their friendly touch is contagious and motivating. All the better if that leads to a professional result, which is a given with the Option team.

Maud @ Fox